Friday, August 24, 2012

Baby Timeline

I thought it would be neat to keep a post about all the little things that are going on during pregnancy.  Just so we can look back and see how things progressed!  So, here goes!

July 29-- Got a positive test!  It was before church on Sunday morning.  Taylor's parents were in town, so I put a sign on our bathroom mirror that said "Congrats!  You're gonna be a DADDY!"  for Taylor to find when he got home.  He was very excited!!  Later that afternoon, we changed Taylor's computer background to a picture of Jake that said "Big Brother" and let his dad figure it out.  Leeland had a couple of happy tears and Debsie was trying to figure out where our new puppy was.

August 2--  First doctor's appointment to confirm the pregnancy.  It was the real deal!

August 3-- We gave my mom an early "birthday gift" which was a bib that said "I love grandma."  She literally flipped out.  Then we called my dad.  His response:  "How did that happen?!"  haha

August 14-- First ultra sound.  We got to see the little peanut and hear his/her little heartbeat.  Very surreal, but very exciting.  Also chose an OB and made first appointment with them.

August 19-- Told the good news to our church family by putting a photo on the screens after service.  We then later posted the same photo on facebook to tell the whole world!

September 10-- First appointment with OB.  Everything still looks good, heard the heartbeat.  Changed due date back to original date of March 29.  Also prescribed some nausea medicine (thank the Lord!)

October 9-- Another OB appointment.  Was in and out in 35 minutes... record!  All bloodwork looked good and I was just happy to have a quick visit!

October 13-- Found out Peanut is a baby GIRL!  Her name will be Mallie Kathryn Johnson.  Mommy and Daddy are so excited we're having a little princess!

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