Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Mallie's Nursery

Now that I've thoroughly neglected my blog for eight months and Mallie is almost a month old, it's a GREAT time to post her nursery pictures!

I had a lot of fun decorating for this sweet baby girl!  The not-so-fun part was actually hanging things on the walls... Taylor and I may or may not have gotten a LITTLE frustrated with each other during that whole process ;) BUT-- we got it done and it is super cute!

Shout out to THE Claire Parker for all of her help shopping/decorating!  Couldn't have done it without her and my sweet hubs!

The inspiration for our nursery came from Lay Baby Lay.  (www.laybabylay.com)

coral and navy baby room ideas

I thought the coral and navy was so adorable and not the "typical" girl nursery.  I'm not a HUGE fan of pink, so the coral was just perfect!  And here is our take on the inspiration photo along with where we got everything (so I don't forget)!  (Sorry for the weird lighting-- we haven't installed her ceiling light fixture yet so we're working with just two lamps for right now!)

 View from the door

 Lamp:  thrift store
Lamp shade:  Garden Ridge
Square decoration things:  Big Lots
Diamond grid:  Candle holders from Old Time Pottery
Pillows:  Made by me!
Bear:  Build-a-Bear
Crib:  Koo Koo Bear Kids
Crib Skirt:  Made by me!

 Dresser:  Craigslist then painted Old World by Benjamin Moore
Drawer Pulls:  Martha Stewart by Home Depot

 Owl Picture:  Hobby Lobby
M:  Hobby Lobby
Blue Shelves:  Garden Ridge
Always Kiss Me Goodnight:  Made by me!
Bird:  Target
Rattle/cup:  Her daddy's when he was a baby
Snail:  HomeGoods
Monkey:  As Seen on TV store in the mall (Random!)

 Gold Frame:  Wedding gift (with baby photos of Taylor and me)
Other frames:  Ikea
Bow wreath:  Thrift store
Bows:  Blog garage sale for $10!!
J:  Hobby Lobby
Cross:  Wedding gift

 Glider/ottoman:  Babies R Us
Shelves:  Ikea
Lamp:  Garden Ridge
Side Table:  Ikea

Cornice:  Built by Taylor and Alan Daniels and upholstered by Taylor and me
Curtains:  Claire had them lying around :)

And that's it!  I am absolutely in love with baby girl's nursery!  Can't wait to do the next one!!!  NOT!!!!  :)

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