Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A Year and a Half of iPhone Photos

I finally decided it was time to download the pictures from my iPhone onto my computer, you know, since I've had it since October 2009 and have never done that... anywho... here are some iPhone photo (and video) worthy moments over the past year and a half!  :)

Our first Christmas tree!

The day we got Baby Jake

One of Jake's favorite sleeping spots

Shopping for wedding bands

Graduating puppy class

Our beautiful honeymoon resort... can I go back?!

One of the best views we had on the whole honeymoon... Chinese man in a Speedo

I kept two doggies for a week by myself (do you notice the shock collar on Jake?!  Yep, it happened.)

Tay got a new ride

Jakey lost his manhood :(

Dom and I attempted to be Julia Child

Jake became an acrobat

We call this compromise.

Baby Kaden was born!

We like to call this one "Debsie's Wiener"

Jake turned 1!

Cousin Marlee sent Jake a birthday card in the mail

Uncle Taylor

Our first married Christmas tree and family stockings

Lazy pup (or spoiled, whichever you prefer)

Kaden got to come with me to the Christmas party!

I got footies!

We love Cane's

It snowed in Gatlinburg

My BFFs got engaged!

Handsome boy

Biscuits and Gravy... mmmmmm

Painted a room green

Baked Tay a chocolate and peanut butter birthday cake

SafeHouse Friday and 300 hot dogs.  Yummy smell in my house.

Painted a cool table

Phew... that was a fun/quick blast from the past year and a half!  No, this is not all that was done... only the things documented via iPhone.  And really, I didn't think anyone wanted to see all 300 pics on the phone, so I narrowed it down to 30... Hope you enjoyed!


  1. I loved this! I also had to say just one thing - we so succeeded at being Julia Child! :)

  2. You're right! We so succeeded!