Monday, July 11, 2011


So.... camp week has arrived.  Taylor is gone to South Carolina for youth camp and I'm home alone with Jakey.  He's been doing a lot of sleeping and I've been doing a lot of nothing.  I mean, I'm just really not motivated today.  Maybe another day.  Plans for my alone time, you ask?  Well, since it's already 6:30 and I haven't done anything today anyway, I'm thinking an early bedtime sounds pretty good for tonight!  I didn't sleep at all last night, so it's much needed.  Tomorrow I have work and class all day/night, boo.  Wednesday I work from home and then I plan to go to the outlets to get Tay some new undershirts and possibly shorts.  Thursday will be a repeat of Tuesday and then Friday the hubs comes back home!

Just in case you care about an update on my summer goals, here it is!

1.  I haven't painted the nightstand in our bedroom yet, but still planning on it!

2.  I'm reconsidering building the closet in the family room now... I'm trying to decide if we need it.  Right now, I think we're fine without it, but it's not a firm yes or no yet, so it probably won't be checked off during the summer.

3.  The backwards shelves have not only been turned around, but relocated.  My wonderful in-laws bought me a sideboard and dining room table with six chairs for an early birthday/graduation gift, so I put all my dishes and crystal in the sideboard and moved the shelves into our spare bedroom, and yes, they are now facing the correct way!

4.  Countdown to completion of grad school:  17 days!!!!!!!!

5.  Progress has definitely been made on the third bedroom.  I unpacked all of the office stuff and got it all organized, now all that is left in there are two boxes of random things I don't know what to do with.  I'm okay with that for now, but those two boxes will be unpacked by the end of July!

6.  Bookshelf has been purchased and is looking fab in the family room.  I'm semi-obsessed with it.  I got it at Ikea, and it has plenty of shelves for books, but it also has 4 "cubbies" with doors and 2 drawers, which makes the perfect little hiding spot for things like notebooks and camera/phone chargers, etc.

7.  Roman shades are hard to find (affordably)!  Still looking for those....

8.  Haven't bought the drawer liner yet.  After I got over the initial "omg this is so adorable" factor, I realized it's kinda dumb to spend that much money on drawer liner.  So, I'll be making a trip to Target for that.

9.  The gym.  Ugh.  Let's revisit that one later, mmkay?

10.  Menus are getting better... I made one before I remembered that Tay was going to camp this week, so I have a week's worth of groceries that will have to wait for next week, which is fine with me.  I loathe the grocery store, and I'm great with leftovers and cereal all week for me!

So... that's it!  I'm going to get back to my night of nothingness.  I may do some schoolwork, but that's doubtful!  :)

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