Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Summer Goals

I'm baaaaaaaaaack!!!  Who knows why I haven't blogged in so long.  I think it's because I really want to blog a house tour for everyone to see, but the reality is that I have not gotten the house photo worthy yet!  Yes, we may or may not have been living here for two months, but who's counting?!  It's pretty much done minus the third bedroom, which is currently storage for all the things we are planning to put into a closet that we will be building later...  So, hopefully that will be in the not-too-far future!  So since I'm such a slacker on the whole house tour blog thing, how about some summer goals?!  That sounds like fun!  I love a good goal... except for I'm not very good at reaching them.  But, this is going to be different.  I have nothing but time on my hands and a lot of things that I want to do!  So, here goes!  Oh and btw, these are in NO particular order!

1.  Paint the nightstand in our bedroom that DOES NOT go with our bedroom whatsoever.

2.  Build the closet in the family room.  (Ok, not us build it, but have someone build it for us.  We do plan to paint/finish it ourselves, but definitely not build it.  This whole closet concept will make much more sense when I actually post the house tour!)

3.  Turn around the backwards shelves in the I don't know what to do with it room.  This will also make more sense with the tour, but I have some awesome shelves-turned-china-cabinet that we realized are turned backward.  I haven't changed this because all of my crystal and nice dishes are on those shelves and I've been to lazy to take it all off!  Shame on me.

4.  Finish grad school.  (Okay, I may or may not have put this one on here because I know I will actually be able to cross this one off!  Whoop whoop.)

5.  Clean out the third bedroom/unpack the office stuff that is in there/get rid of all that crap we don't use!

6.  Buy a bookshelf so that I can unpack the books.  I don't know why we have so many books.  Neither of us really read that much (or at all).  Maybe that will be one of my goals after this set.

7.  Find some affordable roman shades or some kind of something to replace the plastic blinds on all our windows.  I think they're hideous and Jake likes to eat them.  That looks really attractive!

8.  Buy some drawer liner from this amazing site I found on the Young House Love blog.  I want to line the drawers of my new foyer table that I got from my great grandmother and repainted.  That will get its own blog post later!

9.  Go to the gym.  I'd rather not waste my $20/month, and I'd rather not keep the chub I've gained since we got married.  It's quite unattractive!

10.  Start my menus back up and stick to them.  I have been B-A-D.  We have been eating out way too much because I either forget to take something out of the freezer or I haven't gone to the grocery store.  So, I need to get my menus back together and stop all this eating out.  It's bad for the wallet and the waistline!

So, I think 10 is a good number to stop on.  Those will be enough to keep me busy/overwhelmed for the summer!  These are by no means the only things I want to do, but ya gotta start somewhere, right?!  So, here's to reaching goals this summer!  Who wants to do this with me?!

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