Friday, July 29, 2011

Done with school... forever!

So yesterday, as I turned in my last paper, gave my last presentation, and took my last final, it hit me.  This August (like in two weeks), I will not be starting school for the first time in twenty years.  TWENTY, people!  That is crazy.  So in honor of this momentous occasion, I thought it would be fun to take a look back on the twenty glorious years of school.  I'm going to just list my teacher (favorite teacher for the years I had multiple ones) and the best memory I have from that year.  Some of the years are kind of blurry, so the memory may be gross or weird, but hey, they're memories!

Teacher:  Ms. Sumblin
I don't really remember much from pre-school, but I definitely still remember the days of the week song.  Ask me, I'll sing it for you.

Teacher:  Mrs. Carnes
I remember having to sit in the hallway and read with Cory because we could already read and apparently Mrs. Carnes thought we were bored while she taught everyone else.  I also used to color all my pages the same as Amena Mount.  We were best friends.

1st Grade
Teacher:  Mrs. Amerson
For some reason, all I can remember is telling Andrew Thompson that his last name was spelled wrong.  If you don't pronounce the "th" sound, then the h shouldn't even be there!

2nd Grade
Teacher:  Mrs. Dauphin
Roy used to always ask Mrs. Dauphin if he could go "lose" the bathroom.  Apparently he couldn't say use, and she would always tell him no, you can't lose the bathroom to try to get him to say use.

3rd Grade
Teacher:  Mrs. Hall
Mikey Cobb threw up in the classroom.  It was the biggest pile of throw up I've ever seen... it went the entire span of Mrs. Hall's desk.  Told you some of these would be gross.

4th Grade
Teacher:  Mrs. Kelley
I remember getting so embarrassed when I lost a ticket because I liked Mrs. Kelley so much and I didn't want her to be upset at me.  I also broke my first bone this year and had to wear a cast in the school play.

5th Grade
Favorite Teacher:  Mr. Kinsaul
Learning the rap song for all the state capitals.  The great part is that our 60ish year old teacher was the one that played the song for us.

6th Grade
Favorite Teacher:  Mrs. Dozier
This is the year I found out mom was having twin boys.  Yuck.

7th Grade
Favorite Teacher:  Mr. Driver
Building toothpick bridges in science class... and Cory Johnson, Matt Franklin, and Cam Copeland all thinking they were the stuff because theirs was "the best."

8th Grade
Favorite Teacher:  Mrs. Clark
Oh so many!  My parents moved to Mississippi and I lived with Granny for a couple months (no worries, they came back), Mrs. Dee was pregnant and moody and when she had the baby our sub was another pregnant lady, and Mrs. Dee ate a whole pie at break one day.

9th Grade
Favorite Teacher:  Mrs. Lucas
Learning that all the horror stories of Mrs. Lucas were true.  She really is THAT hard.  But I loved her!

10th Grade
Favorite Teacher:  Mrs. Jones (only because I didn't have Lucas!)
Disecting owl throw up in biology.  Gross.

11th Grade
Favorite Teacher:  Mrs. Lucas
FINALLY got my drivers license, after almost everyone else in my grade.

12th Grade
Favorite Teacher:  Mrs. Lucas (of course)
Winning state and national cheerleading competition, driving with the windows down singing "Any Man of Mine" with Hannah Cooke on the way to cheer practice, and getting OH SO EXCITED about going to Alabama.

Freshman Year
Favorite Teacher:  Brandy Frost
Going to football games and freshman Bible study at Calvary.

Sophomore Year
Favorite Teacher:  I honestly can't remember
Joining a sorority and hating it.

Junior Year
Favorite Teacher:  Clifford A. Robb
Changing my major from accounting to financial planning and loving it.

Senior Year
Favorite Teacher:  Jan Brakefield
Long distance relationship, kiddie pool at the Club, watching American Idol with Jess and Nicole every week in our living room.

Grad School 1st Year
Favorite Teacher:  Bill Wright
Being completely lost everywhere I went on Georgia State's campus.

Grad School 2nd Year
Favorite Teacher:  Chris Nickell
The disappointment of not getting to study abroad in Greece, but the freedom of being done with school forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well folks, that's it!  If you stuck through this whole post, I'm impressed!  Hopefully the next time I step foot in a school it will be to take my first kiddo to Kindergarten.  Other than that, I don't want to see any more school!  :)

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