Thursday, February 17, 2011

American Idol!

Confession:  I LOVE American Idol.  Always have, always will.  I don't even miss Simon this season because I think JLo and Steven Tyler are just that awesome!  The past two seasons I have called my early favorites... and they have both won.  I'm good, just sayin'!  So, for your reading pleasure, here they are!  My early season 10 favorites!!!

This kid is crazy good!  Every time he sings I just get a big ol' grin on my face!  Sad note-- do I think he'll win?  I'm not sure...  I haven't decided if the judges are going to put him through... but I think if he does make it to the point where America votes, he'll go pretty far!

Okay, seriously?!  This girl can absolutely SING!  I can't believe she's 15!  I think she's going to be the winner... Just sayin'!  And she's so pretty too.  Taylor thinks she's hot.  That's okay, I may or may not enjoy seeing Ryan Seacrest on my screen twice a week ;)  PS-- He's not gay in my head.  I don't know if he is in real life or not, but in my life, he's not!

Casey Abrams... man.  He's so good!  He may look a little spastic sometimes, but hey.  He's good.  He had me with that scat singing in his first audition!  And tonight with the stand up bass?!  What?!  Too good.

Robbie Rosen... I liked this guy before... but tonight when he played the piano... WOW!

I'm not really sure why I like this guy so much... I guess it's the deep voice.  I didn't like him yesterday when he stole poor little Jacee's group... but that's okay, he cried afterward.  I hope he apologized haha.

Julie Zorrilla... She's just adorable and really good.  I didn't like her at first, but now she's one of my favs.

There is another guy that I like too... but I CANNOT remember his name!  He has light brown hair and tonight he sang a Daughtry song and played piano... he has crazy rocker hair... If anyone knows his name... remind me!

Honorable mention:  John Wayne Schultz
Dishonorable mention:  James Durbin.  He reminds me too much of Adam Lambert and he wears scarves like a tail.  I know he has terets and a kid and life is rough... but I'm just not a big fan of him.  He'll probably make it through anyways, but oh well.

Who does everyone else like?!


  1. I haven't watched all of these guys....I record and just watch Jacee because he is from my church....look on my facebook.....there is a video of Jacee when he was 10 singing in our Christmas music.....but I did appreciate that guy being upset because he did not stand up for Jacee....and he does have a great just go ahead and pick'em Beth

  2. ....and grin when Jacee sings because above all....he loves Jesus!!!