Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Oh, Snowy Day(s)

So... we have been stuck inside for awhile now... it's starting to be a little aggravating.  I actually want to go to work!  We have been watching movies, the boys have been playing Xbox, and I have been working from home as much as I can... kind of hard when the computer is being ridiculously slow!  Anyways, I promised photos and video of the sledding down the street, so here they are!

We definitely had fun doing the sledding... after that, the snow started to get annoying!  Almost everything is closed... and it's REALLY hard to get anywhere... we have only ventured out for food, and I didn't even try to get on the interstate to go to work... too many accidents and only one or two of the six lanes were open!  So... here we sit... all day long... EXCITING!!  I just feel bad that John and Brandon are here and we haven't really gotten to do anything fun with them.  Oh well, at least they got to see snow I guess!

I had my interview for Study Abroad in Greece today... I was supposed to meet at school today, but since GSU is closed, they just called me and we talked about everything over the phone.  I'm SUPER excited!  It sounds like the work load won't be very hard... I just have to go to "class" on May 9 and 10, then on the 11th everyone does a 5 minute presentation of what we want to learn while we're in Greece. Then while we're gone, we will write a few two page papers, and we're also graded on participation.  Sounds like a million times better than what I'd be suffering through for the spring semester!

Well... that's about all that's going on... I'm going to go play with my Kitchen Aid now!  If I can't do anything else... might as well bake something fun... today... cheesecake!  :)  I'll let you know how it turns out!

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