Thursday, January 27, 2011

In Sickness and In Health

Have I ever told you how amazing my husband is?  Well, he is!  I have been so sick this week... Just when I thought I was better... bam.  Not so much.  I went to the doctor Monday morning, found out I had a viral infection which caused an ear infection and swollen tonsils with blisters.  Gross, yes.  So I stayed home Monday from work obviously, went in Tuesday, felt HORRIBLE, ended up leaving early and was in so much pain I was in tears the rest of the day.  So, I decided that just because I felt a little better didn't mean I was better, and took Wednesday off.  I went back to work this morning and I feel just peachy now, finally! Being sick is NO fun!!!  But, Taylor has seriously been amazing this week.  He has watched me lay on the couch and gotten up to get anything and everything I needed, and even said he wished that he could have my sickness so I didn't have to.  Love that boy :)

Since I've been sick, my menu is off!  Sad day :(  I just did not want to do anything, especially cook!  So, we'll have some extra things for next month's menu!

And today is our friend Jason's birthday, so Happy Birthday Jason!!!  We love you!!  You still look the same today at "19" as you did at 3!!!  ;)

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