Thursday, January 6, 2011

Gatlinburg, Visitors, and Kardashians

Random title, right?  Just wanted to start out with a shout out to my girls Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe.  I watched the People's Choice Awards on DVR just to see if they won the award for "Best Guilty Pleasure."  I'm not gonna lie, Keeping Up With the Kardashians is definitely my guilty pleasure.  Taylor REALLY likes it when I watch it.  (Kidding... he obviously finds ANYTHING else to do when it's on!)  Just FYI-- I'm REALLY excited for Kourtney and Kim take New York to come on... then Khloe and Lamar!!  Lots of fun Kardashian drama to come.  Okay... enough of that!

Tomorrow we are leaving for Gatlinburg for our youth retreat.  I'm pretty excited!  I got to go last year, but Taylor was on his death bed, so I had to fill in for him for his first youth trip.  So basically I'm a pro.  It's supposed to snow this weekend... which I'm not too excited about driving in it, but at least it'll be fun to play in!

We will be back home on Sunday, then Taylor and I are going to have a massive cleaning day because we are having visitors next week!  John Rinehart and Brandon Edwards are coming up from Lafayette to stay with us until Friday!  I LOVE having visitors... We miss all of our friends so much so it's really fun when they get to come hang with us in the big city for awhile.  Hopefully we'll find enough to keep them entertained.  I'm definitely gonna try out some new recipes for them... it's so much easier to cook for four people than two... we always end up wasting sooo much food with just the two of us here.

So, now that I have rambled wayyy too much, I'm out.  One of my blogging goals is to take more pictures so that I have some to post when I blog.  So, here's to taking pictures in Gatlinburg so I can show them to you guys when I get back!

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  1. First, be careful coming back Sunday. More so after lunch is when the "winter storm" might be coming in... producing yes, snow, but ice as well. Take caution lovely.
    Second, you will rock the Youth trip, wish I could go!
    Third, David and I will be coming to ATL in March. I will keep you posted fo-sho. Would love to see you guys, and try some of your cookin!
    Fourth... love you and miss you!