Saturday, September 17, 2011

Random Life Updates

So, my last blog was about Taylor starting a new job at a new church.  Since then, I have been offered a new job as well!  Well, a new old job.  My old boss wanted me to come back to my old job part time, and since I was only part time at my other job, I figured two part times could make a full time and decided to make it work! So, last week was my first week with my new schedule, and let me tell you, it was rough!  I'm so used to getting off at 1:00 every day, that around 2:00 every day this week my body just wanted to shut down and take a nap!  Exhausting!  So hopefully this coming week will be a little better and the ol' body will be able to keep up!

We're loving our new church!  We had a fiesta at our house last Sunday night which was a blast!  And tomorrow night, we're playing the magazine game!  Shout out to all my FBC Opp people on that one!  :)  Can't wait to introduce these guys to the awesomeness that is the magazine game.  I'm sure it'll be intense.

Baby Kaden is turning one this month!  I can't believe it!  I did get him a pretty rockin' birthday present though, I'll post a picture after I give it to him, don't want to ruin the surprise!  :)

I found a cute new puppy today.  He almost came home with me... but Taylor said no.  Baby Jake really would like to have a brother!  We'll work on Taylor and maybe he'll come around.

My mom and little brothers are coming up in a couple weeks and we're going to see Wicked at the Fox Theatre!  I am SO excited... I'm a musical nerd... I really enjoy them!  And I've been wanting to go see something at the Fox since I moved here in 2009, and it has taken me two years to finally do it!

My birthday was awesome!  My sweet husband took me to dinner at Outback (my choice), bought me an awesome pitcher I'd been begging for from Pottery Barn, and the best-- an hour long massage!  I actually just got the massage on Thursday, and it was just what I needed during my first week of working full time!  My parents also got me a sweet new duvet cover for our bedroom and it's sooo pretty in there!  Jake just threw up on it a couple nights ago... but the beauty of the duvet is that I just threw it in the washer and it's good to go!  No more $70 trips to the cleaners with the king sized comforter.

We had a wonderful visit with Shane and Dom a couple weeks ago, they were actually here for our first Sunday at the new church and Shane got to play in the band for Tay, so that was great!  Jakey really misses Marlee though!

Football season has arrived... Roll Tide!  I did discover last weekend that Taylor can't scream on Saturdays during the LSU games because he won't be able to sing on Sunday morning if he does.  It's just wonderful :)

I think that's it for now... I need to post more often and not ignore my little ol' blog!  Here's to next time!

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