Thursday, March 10, 2011

Catching Up

So, it's been awhile since I've blogged!  Taylor keeps telling me to update it, but I told him it's my blog and I'll update it when I want to!  :)  Today I finally wanted to again.  I've missed the little guy!

What's been going on with us?  Well, two weekends ago, Taylor played a DNow in Duluth with one of our MFuge friends, so we got to hang out with them, which was super fun!  We played "beach" volleyball that Saturday afternoon, which was a blast!  I'm not very athletic, at all, but I really enjoyed it.  We decided we'll have to find a volleyball court closer to home and play more often.

Last Wednesday, we loaded up and left Atlanta at about 11:00 that morning and started the trek to Lafayette.  We still had Leeland's (Taylor's dad) truck, and his Suburban was about to poop out, so we really needed to return his truck!  We only told our friends Shane and Dom that we were coming, so needless to say, Debs and Leeland were a little surprised when Shane and Dom brought in their new puggle named Jake Johnson!  It was a fun surprise and we had a great time getting to hang out with family and several friends.  We always enjoy our time there!

Since then, we've just been working, you know the normal stuff.  Except for, we have been house shopping!  Yes, house.  I'm super excited about it.  We're paying really high rent right now, and with house prices and interest rates being so affordable right now, there really is just no reason for us to just throw rent money out the door every month!  So we've looked at several houses so far, haven't found anything just right yet.  I know that we'll have to sacrifice some things, because who ever finds EXACTLY everything they want in a house, especially the first time around.  Well, unless you build it yourself!  Anyway, we have 13 more options to go look at next week, and hopefully one of them will strike our fancy enough to put an offer in!  I'll post some pictures of our favorites when we have some!

This should be a pretty uneventful weekend, thankfully.  We've been pretty busy recently, so it will be nice.  Tomorrow night we are going to the SafeHouse in Atlanta.  Our church prepares a meal for the homeless there once every month, and tomorrow is the day for March.  Saturday we don't have anything planned, except for I need to do some SERIOUS cleaning because my mom and twin brothers are coming into town on Monday!  And hopefully sometime on Saturday I can squeeze in some Baby Kaden time, or I really should say Big Man Kaden because his mama just sent me a picture of him and he looks so grown!  Sad :(  Then Sunday is church day then visitors Monday-Wednesday!  Should be fun!  My goal is to make sure I get some pictures while they're here so I can spice up the ol' blog with something other than just words!

To spice up this post, since I talked about house hunting and all, I'll leave you with a snapshot of me with my dream house in Charleston.  You can't see the whole thing, but you get the idea.  Too bad my tiny little budget won't pick this house right up and move it to Marietta!


  1. I think your in laws should buy that house for you and move it to Marietta!

  2. Yall should go on House Hunters!! Hahah I can't wait to come see you guys :)