Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Home Buying 101

If you plan on buying a house in the next 186516187498 years, go ahead and do yourself a favor and save all your stuff, and keep it in an organized place where you can find it.  I'm pretty much kicking myself in the butt right now trying to find things from 2008.  Yes, 2008.  Really?!  That was decades ago, right?  I never realized just how much it takes to buy a house, even though I'm getting my master's in real estate.  Guess it's always different when you're experiencing the whole thing for yourself.  Anyway, enough about that!

Good news:  Our house only had a couple of issues on the inspection.  We wrote an amendment to our contract for the seller to repair the "big cost stuff," and thankfully, she agreed!  So, all the repairs are being done now!  We also had to get an appraisal on the house, which was yesterday, and it appraised for $1,000 more than we needed it to, talk about a close call!  So, status as of right now is I have to get an insurance binder over to the lender and a few more forms that he needs, then we are GOOD TO GO FOR CLOSING!!!  :)  I am thinking that we will be able to close by next Friday, April 8, I hope!  If so, that will give us a whole week to get everything out of our current rental and have time to get it cleaned up so I can get my deposit back!  Exciting things going on in the Johnson world!

We had a wonderful weekend with friends from Tuscaloosa this past weekend, ate way too much, got up way too early, and of course had a lot of fun!  We found out yesterday that our next round of visitors will be Debsie and Leeland at the end of April!  I have been instructed to make a list for them to work on at the new house.  Debsie is bringing her paintbrush!  :)  We are definitely looking forward to that!!

I hope everyone has an amazing week!  Hopefully it will be an amazing one here, house-wise!  Until next time...

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